ARK: Survival Evolved is coming to Xbox One on December 16

Via the Xbox Game Preview program

ARK: Survival Evolved has done incredibly well on PC in the months following its early access release in June. At least two million people have tried to tame their own pet dino on Steam, and that number is set to expand with the imminent release of the game on Xbox One.

Developer Studio Wildcard has announced ARK is going to be released through the Xbox Game Preview program on December 16, and will cost $34.99.

The Xbox One version will launch with all the same features as the current PC build. However, Studio Wildcard doesn’t expect it will be able to push out future updates for the console at the pace it has been doing so on PC.

Buying ARK through Xbox Game Preview will also net you some exclusive cosmetics: an unlockable bionic T-Rex skin, an ARK Founder’s Hat, and the ARK Founder’s Trophy.

You can see the trailer for the Xbox Game Preview launch up top. It has a lot of dinosaurs being all dinosaury and awesome, so as far as trailers go I’d say it’s pretty rad.

ARK: Survival Evolved Xbox One Footage and Early Access Details [IGN]


Joe Parlock