Arika’s new fighter will be playable at EVO

Along with other much anticipated fighters

The Evolution Championship Series is sort of like fighting game Christmas. Skilled players from around the world gather to virtually punch each other in the face, and it’s the hypest thing of the year. Making it even more enticing for those attending will be Arika’s newest fighting game project, featuring Street Fighter EX characters Garuda, Kairi, and Hokuto in the initial footage, will have a location playtest during the tournament and Arika will be looking for player feedback. 

This project first debuted on April Fool’s and confused everyone, but I’m glad it’s making some sort of headway. The initial footage looked amazing, but there’s no guarantee it’ll look the same when it’s officially announced as Arika is just teasing an exhibition for a general “project.” Regardless, this’ll be a great reveal to be sure given how awesome the EX series was. 

Oh yeah! Other big fighters are going to playable EVO weekend as well! Gundam Versus, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite (which pros seem to really like as of this writing), Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and Dragon Ball FighterZ  (“Trunks build or later“) will be around, so get your hands on them if you’re able. 

EVO Championship 2017 will be at Las Vegas, NV this July 14-16.

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Nick Valdez