Are you strong enough to overcome Fate/Grand Order’s Monte Cristo event?

You can’t have hope without despair

You know a gacha game wants you to feel despair when it throws an event at you after the previous one ended. As we hit the final days of February, Fate/Grand Order’s next festivity will throw us into a difficult ordeal called “Vengeful Demon’s Wail at Prison Tower.” Of course, it starts after the Chaldea Boys Event so I hope you have some Saint Quartz left after your attempts to obtain Astolfo/the cutest Rider and Amakusa Shirou. It’s a good thing that the former is a part of the non-event Servant pool.

Luckily, the event’s glimmer of hope is that we’ll get the chance to roll for North America’s first Avenger-class Servant, Edmond Dantes/The Count of Monte Cristo. To top things off, he’s a five-star character so he might be useful. If you manage to get him, you’ll have a second way to do more damage to Rulers like Jeanne and Shirou.

At first, you might think that he’s Nagito from Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, but it seems like Rui Komatsuzaki designed the character while going through a case of Akira Toriyama syndrome. Nonetheless, I’m a fan of his art so I don’t mind the Fate version of the Count of Monte Cristo having a similar design to the Ultimate Lucky Student.

If you cleared the London Singularity, then you can tackle the event on March 1. Hopefully, your favorite Servants are good enough to clear it. Otherwise, you might have to embrace despair.

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