Are you smart enough for TV Show King Party on the Wii? [Update]

Are you ready for a party? How about … a TV Show King Party?

I don’t think you’re ready for this party, a newly announced Gameloft-published trivia title for the Wii. The game features eight categories (including music, movies, history, sports, and science) and four different multiplayer modes. The game will use the Wii Remotes in an innovative way that Gameloft isn’t being entirely clear on, but may involve spinning something called — no joke — “the fun game wheel.” 

OK, so I have a serious question: do publishers think adding the word “party” to the name of a game will help them sell more units at retail? I mean, “TV Show King” probably would have been enough to get the point across; the addition of the word “party” seems like overkill. But unfortunately, adding the word “party” to the name of a game probably will help sell units. 

We’re all doomed, aren’t we? But at least we’re having fun … it’s a party, baby! TV Show King Party will be available this holiday season, exclusively for the Wii.

[Update: Apparently, this looks to be an updated, full-featured retail release of a WiiWare title released earlier in the year. My apologies that I didn’t know that; I hope our (and my) credibility hasn’t been thrown out the window. Thanks to new user (and my biggest fan) Stone Temple Pilot for pointing this out.]

Nick Chester