Are you satisfied with the price you paid for your PlayStation Vita?


This morning I was typing up a few Vita related stories, and surprise, they were both ports. It reminded me of when I started to realize that the system was in dire straits — at one point after the portable’s launch I looked up a giant list of upcoming games, sorted by Vita releases, and only saw two entries in six months, both of which were ports.

While Sony’s handheld never really took off like the PSP did (the last known sales figure of the Vita is roughly four million, compared to the PSP’s 80 million sold as of 2013), here’s my take on the Vita. Is it basically a dead system right now, filled to the brim with leftover ports and obscure localizations? Sure. Do I regret my decision to pick it up? Not one bit.

I bought it alongside of a 32GB card at launch, and do not feel bad about it in the slightest. I’ve gotten hundreds of hours of entertainment, and although the exclusive train has slowed down (or crashed and burned, for that matter), there’s still plenty of gems to play on it. As we all know sales matter in terms of the big picture, but on a personal level, I’m happy with how it turned out.

What about you?

Chris Carter
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