Are you ready for the full line of Rock Band merchandise?

In case there was any question about it, Harmonix isn’t just positioning Rock Band as a game — it’s a total lifestyle makeover, dude. Throw up your metal fist, and prepare to live the rock and roll lifestyle, b**tches. While visiting Harmonix’s Cambridge, MA studios yesterday, Rock Band‘s art director Ryan Lesser dragged out a whole slew of game-related products to show off. 

Wanna-be rockers will be able to purchase everything from guitar straps to gig bags, and drums sticks to t-shirts. All of the products were designed to not only be functional, but also to look cool if you decided to take them on the road. Lesser and his team of artists had a hand in all of the designs you see on the products, with the emphasis on the gear being totally rock and roll, and less a vehicle to shout the game’s name to the world.

I’ll have more on my trip to Harmonix soon, including answers to all of your burning questions (“What do their restrooms look like?”), and extensive hands-on time with the game’s “World Tour Mode.” Prepare for me to rock you like a hurricane.

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