Are you ready for a Cars MMO?

Besides being a video game junkie I am also obsessed with Pixar movies. I love them all and pretty much worship the hallowed ground that John Lasseter walks on. Yes, I would even drink the Kool-Aid for him.

According to Mike Goslin, an online gaming developer, Disney is in talks of turning some of its Pixar films into MMOs, including (and maybe first and foremost) the blockbuster Cars. Says Goslin:

Disney is very interested in this space. A lot of Disney’s properties would work really well as worlds. We’re in concept development on about a dozen things; we haven’t picked yet, but we’d love to do some of the Pixar properties. We’re thinking of Cars.

Obviously things are very early if nothing has even been decided on conceptual, but I have to be honest: all of the Pixar films could work really well as giant online worlds. And with the saturation of MMO nowadays maybe Cars would work best, if only because it would offer something completely different (read: playing as an actual car). An MMO with driving game mechanics? Sounds neat.

What do you think? Would you be interested in an MMO based around the weirdly morbid human-less world of Cars? If any Pixar movie could be turned into an MMO, which would you prefer? Are the hardcore WOW fans of the world going to punch me in the face for even thinking this blasphemy?

[Via G4]

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