Are you ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence?

How do I dismember thee? Let me count the ways

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In this developer diary for Killing Floor 2, Tripwire Interactive creative director William Munk and fellow staff members take us on a viscera-spattered, guided tour through the game’s Massive Evisceration and Trauma system; or MEAT, for short. Drawing inspiration from the GHOUL engine used in Raven Software’s Soldier of Fortune, it doesn’t fail to impress with its graphic depiction of anatomical deconstruction.

While the original game boasted only five zones on the body that could be targeted for destruction, the second installment in the series offers that number in only the head, bringing the grand total to twenty-two individual points that can be shot or sliced off.

So, throw on your favorite butcher’s apron, put your feet up, and enjoy Tripwire’s latest Danse Macabre.

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