Are you going to PAX East 2012 this year?

It’s getting close to that time of the year again as people who love them videogames head to Boston, Massachusetts for some good times and great fun. On the weekend of April 6 through 8, PAX East is happening with the usual insanity. Dtoid and its awesome community will be in the house and around Boston for the weekend. If you plan on heading up to Boston for the show, please check out our Google Group.

The Google Group will allow you to get up to date information on plans that we will be creating for the weekend and search for help with any travel or lodging arrangements that you need to make for the weekend. There are details about our for the show, which will allow you to get real time info on Dtoid plans during the show and communicate with the other Dtoiders via text messaging and a dedicated smartphone app. Check out for more info.

Also, if you are coming indefinitely, let me know in the comment section below and give me the general area that you are coming from so that I can create a list with all of the community members that will be at the show.

With three day passes sold out and only single day passes still available, try to get your single-day passes as soon as possible!

Andrew Benton