Are you getting antsy about Mighty No. 9?

It’s still a ‘spring’ release

Because it doesn’t have the best track record at keeping its fans and backers up to date, the Mighty No. 9 project has once again started making waves across the internet. Based on a recent “no comment” response from Deep Silver regarding the game’s release schedule, as well as Twitter silence from the developer, people are starting to get antsy.

Far be it from a publisher to comment on behalf of a developer at the drop of a hat, but the fact that the social channels for the game have been mum is not good. The last update was in February, and noted that Inafune was a “huge Mad Max fan” after all.

In order to make their “spring” deadline the team needs to technically deliver by June 21, so they have some time. But as I’ve said in the past, this is the exact opposite way a crowdfunding project should be handled after the fact. I get that people can be touchy, but when your entire Steam forum is basically asking for a refund, there’s a problem.

Deep Silver remains quiet on Mighty No. 9 [GoNintendo]

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