Are you crafting any spooky pumpkins this year like this Bokoblin-o-lantern?

I have an idea planned

I never made Jack-o’-lanterns all that much as a kid.

Maybe every other other year, if that? I was always bad at using a knife to cut anything resembling an actual face (and we never bought those fancy tools), so I think I just gave up eventually. Stencils (like the ones The Pokemon Company provides yearly) made things a lot easier, but I’m still nervous that after putting in a ton of work some punk will just chuck it into the street.

Alas, I’ve been putting it off, but this Bokoblin-o-lantern posted by MyNamesNotTaylor on Reddit might get me to reconsider. My wife and I have at least one idea floating around, but it’s not game related! Mostly, I just want to see if you guys have anything in mind, or have any pictures still lying around from past pumpkin conquests.

My Bokoblin-o-lantern [MyNamesNotTaylor]

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