Are Wii owners core gamers?

The current holiday buzz on the lips of stay-at-home moms and soccer dads (they’re the ones that tuck in their polos and wear a brown belt with shorts) is the Nintendo Wii shortage, and how they desperately need to acquire one for their child. With the focus on Wii as a holiday gift, it’s easy to think that the average Wii owner is an arm flailing Wii Sports’ Boxing player, but Nintendo says differently.

Nintendo says that the average Wii owner is 29 and is not focused on Wii Sports. They say that this new demographic data shows that Wii owners are core gamers.  

Company president Reggie Fils-Aime also points out that Wii’s attach rates are higher than the PS2’s for the same period, which shows that Wii owners are buying and playing more than Wii Sports. Are they buying third-party games?

In a conference call on Friday.Fils-Amie was asked about the quality of these third-party games. 

“Any system will have a range of quality,” said Reggie. He went on to say that developers are “working hard” to push the limits of Wii hardware.

Does an average age of 29 and a high attach rate really mean that Wii owners aren’t casual gamers? 

[Via PC World – Thanks, JR]

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