Are there any Harry Potter characters in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy offers a new setting, and old faces

With Hogwarts Legacy making its enchanting early access debut for pre-order owners today ahead of the game’s global launch on February 10, this seems like a good opportunity to reintroduce ourselves to some of the more recognizable characters that players can expect to resurface throughout their playthrough. It’s worth noting that this lineup excludes new characters that merely share a surname with a named character from the existing Harry Potter series.

hogwarts legacy nearly headless nick
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Nearly Headless Nick

No year at Hogwarts can really feel complete without the courtly companionship of one Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington, commonly referred to (much to his displeasure) as Nearly Headless Nick. While he may be the assigned Gryffindor house ghost, and his allegiances most closely lie in that direction, he is always happy to lend a spectral ear to anyone in need of assistance. You’ll never have to fear what this transparent companion might have in store for you.

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Quite the contrary, Peeves the Poltergeist makes it his personal goal every hour of the day and night to live up to his reputation as Hogwarts’ resident mischief-maker. While all of Peeve’s dastardly deeds are never overtly life-threatening to either students or staff, you’d be smart not to get on the bad side of this grinning trickster. He just might decide to hold a grudge.

hogwarts legacy professor binns
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Professor Cuthbert Binns

Professor Binns teaches the one subject so mundane that it almost feels out-of-place in such a fantastical setting: History. Binns was (more than once) reputed to have:

“[…] simply got up to teach one day and left his body behind him in an armchair in front of the staff room fire; his routine had not varied in the slightest since.” –Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

As classes will play a prominent role throughout Hogwarts Legacy, it seems likely that Professor Binns’ “History of Magic” class will be among that roster. One can hope that these classes will, at least, provide the player with vital information intended to advance the story campaign, as well as give the player opportunities to delve deeper into the available lore, should they choose to do so.

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Professor Phineas Nigellus Black

As the most disliked headmaster in Hogwarts history Phineas Nigellus Black, distant ancestor of Sirius Black—Harry Potter’s godfather—cuts quite the striking figure. Voiced by Simon Pegg, the irascible and pugnacious Phineas might very well prove to be either a great obstacle or a tremendous aid to the player.

hogwarts legacy fat lady harry potter
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The Fat Lady

The famous portrait that guards the entrance to Gryffindor tower does seem to once again be firmly back in place. While the real identity of The Fat Lady has never been conclusively clarified, her singular purpose as a portrait, of preventing unauthorized people from entering the tower, has never been in dispute.

hogwarts legacy classroom
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And likely many others still to come

Avalanche Software and WB Interactive Entertainment have been careful not to show off everything, even now, so it’s perfectly plausible that other surprise cameos from familiar faces will likely surface over time. Hogwarts is a big place, after all, and no student can ever truly say for certain that they’ve uncovered all of its secrets.

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