Are Ready at Dawn ready to get ‘SuperNormal’?

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The talented folks at Irvine, California-based Ready at Dawn have been quiet as of late. After dropping a solid original PlayStation Portable God of War tale and porting Okami to the Wii for Capcom, they quietly slipped away into their development caves. 

While we have no clue what they’re working on, Siliconera may have found a clue — a trademark for “SuperNormal” for use in a videogame. Ready at Dawn have yet to offer any clues as to what their next project will be, but a job listing over at their official site has them looking for a “next-gen” designer. We know it also won’t be a PSP game, since the developer recently packed up and shipped all their dev kits back to Sony.

Whatever the case may be, we’re looking forward to seeing some of their original work. While they’re best known for their ports and spin-offs of original IPs, they’ve all been damned good, which gives us high hopes for future titles. 


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