Archaic Sealed Heat Japanese commercials show *gasp* actual gameplay


As the Japanese release of Mistwalker’s first DS RPG Archaic Sealed Heat draws closer, some Japanese television commercials have been released, and they manage to do something that North American commercials seem to have gotten away from — showing actual gameplay.

These days we get enough floating eggs, screaming people, laser beams, sex scenes, and various other kinds of nonsense in our video game commercials, so it’s really refreshing to see two commercials that center completely around gameplay. The one above is simple: girl plays a game battle and wins. We get to see what the game looks like, and at the end they display the name, release date, and price. You can’t get more straightforward.

Aside from my ranting about the state of video game advertisements, I have to say that seeing ASH in motion is really encouraging. I’m not so much a Blue Dragon kind of guy, but even from this short commercial, it already looks like ASH has more depth.

Archaic Sealed Hit hits Japanese stores next week. We’ll keep our ears open for a North American release date.

Hit the jump to see the other commercial.

[thanks, JV]

Dale North