Arcades: Super Street Fighter IV not coming to them

No need to stand while playing Super Street Fighter IV. According to SFIV producer Yoshinori Ono, the title will be a couch-constricted affair. That is to say, of course, that the title won’t be gracing arcades — Japanese or otherwise.

Ono broke the bad news in an interview with Games Reactor. “So, unfortunately, I’m sorry to say to arcade fans out there: there won’t be an arcade version of this. I think a lot of people were kind of requesting an arcade update,” he said. “I know that, in some parts of the world, it doesn’t really matter if there’s an arcade version or not.”

“But certainly in Japan and the rest of Asia and some parts of the Oceania, there’s still a lot of people playing in arcades. So, I’m sorry to disappoint them but this time it’s going to be an Xbox 360- and Playstation 3-only affair,” Ono continued.

More than a few people not affiliated with Putt-Putt Mini-Golf aren’t accepting what Ono-san revealed. These spirited folks, the members of Shoryuken message board, may end up tossing together an official petition. At least, that’s what this thread seems to indicate.

As a dude that hasn’t played a game in an arcade since Revolution X, the fact that SSFIV won’t be at arcades isn’t much of a bummer. But how do you guys feel about it?

[via Kotaku]

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