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Arcade Paradise gets second DLC pack today

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Clear some space on the nacho cheese-stained carpet, as Wired Productions’ Arcade Paradise is receiving a trio of new games today as part of its second paid DLC pack. This pack will allow you to glut up your arcade with three all-new cabinets.

The new cabinets added are R.O.G.E.R., Penguin Push, and Summer of Sports. All of these are fictional games, sometimes based on real-world classics. Penguin Push, for example, seems very similar to the original-flavored Mario Bros., and Summer of Sports smells like Konami’s Track & Field series. As for R.O.G.E.R., I’m drawing a blank.

These will be joining the three games from DLC pack 1 and the licensed title Kung Fury: Street Rage, as well as the 35 games already included in the base game. Alongside them come new challenges, rewards, and leaderboards.

I was somewhat lukewarm on Arcade Paradise when I reviewed it last year. My main grievances weren’t really on the games included within, as they provided a nice variety, and I found a few that fit my tastes. It was more that the management side of things didn’t play well with the concept of having all these mini-games. I can already buy giant compilations of arcade games, but a metagame that ties it all together is something I still crave.

Arcade Paradise is available on Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. DLC Pack 2 launches today, and its included cabinets are available to buy as a set or à la carte.

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