Arcade crazy? Build your own Vewlix style cabinet

First off, this DIY option is not for the layperson. Hardcore only, I’d say. But, if after reading this headline you already have your shoes on to rush out to Home Depot, we’d love to see what you put together. But be sure to check the price below before you head out.

Taito’s sexy sit-down Vewlix arcade cabinet would be lovely to have in your own home. But rather than daydream about having one, Donovan Myers set out to create his own. This one uses a 32″ Sony Bravia 720p LCD HDTV, two Mad Catz Tournament Edition sticks, and a PS3. Oh, and some crazy design skills. The final product is goddamned beautiful.

The design was made in Google SketchUp 7, and then built for IRL by hand. Donovan’s website details the whole construction process, complete with pictures, down to the price of the screws. This baby cost over $2,000 to make! If you think that’s crazy, he reminds that adding Street Fighter IV to a Taito Vewlix L would cost $6,807.50.

[Via Arcade Heroes]

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