Arc System Works announces World End Syndrome with unsettling website

What do you see?

Arc System Works have launched a website that previously teased a new game, but has since been announced as World End Syndrome. The site features a countdown clock scheduled to end in two day’s time, but the studio already announced the title ahead of the deadline on PS4, Vita, and Switch,. It’s a “love adventure game”, due out in 2018.

The site, titled “Let’s peek quietly into the Classroom after School”, features a sliding door that can be clicked on to reveal the edge of an image. When I clicked on it, I saw what I first thought looked like a girl’s knee in a thigh-high sock, then I realised it looks more like a head, resting on an elbow, but you might see something else.

According to Gematsu, the site’s description translates to “A classroom after school that no one should be inside. Beyond the door shut away by the evening sun, is there the premonition of a new encounter…?”

The mystery of the site, as well as the strange sound playing quietly in the background, did give it an air of disquieting intrigue, but since finding out it’s basically for a possible Dating Sim, that weirdness has been somewhat lost. I guess we’ll all find out what awaits within the classroom once the clock counts down to its Thursday deadline.

Let’s peek Quietly into the Classroom after School [Arc System Works via Gematsu]

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