Arc Rise Fantasia the ‘story JRPG fans have been craving’

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There are some bold words indeed being said by the PR team behind Arc Rise Fantasia — an upcoming RPG for the Wii. Seeming to sense the disturbing lack of epic JRPGs out there, Ignition Entertainment has leaped upon the opportunity to tell disillusioned fans that Arc Rise is the place to get their fix. 

“A critical element of any JRPG is story,” explains Ignition. “As one plays the game, one gradually gets to know the heroes of Arc Rise Fantasia and how their lives are shaped by each other and the challenges they face.

“As the mercenary L’Arc, players embark on a journey to defend the Meridian Empire from invasion.  Apprehensive towards his chosen path, L’Arc faces a life altering decision.  As the plot thickens, relationships become complex — hinting at unforeseen consequences with unlikely friends and treacherous foes.

Arc Rise Fantasia reveals the unique pasts of these anime-inspired archetypes as players battle through a world of exploding monsters, magic orbs and bittersweet romance.  A thrilling narrative rises as alliances form and parties assemble.  Told within gorgeously animated cut scenes, as well as manga-inspired 2D dialogue sequences, the story deepens and unfolds in unexpected ways.  This is the classic, sweeping storyline that JRPG fans have been craving.”

These guys aren’t mincing their words! The Wii is starting to resemble a real breeding ground for promising RPGs, with both this and The Last Story leading the vanguard. I’m certainly looking forward to checking it out, and watching the Wii become an ironic haven for hardcore roleplaying gamers. While we wait for that to happen, check out some brand new screens for Arc Rise, designed to show off the game’s storytelling.

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