Arashi: Castles of Sin looks like it wants to be the Tenchu of PSVR


Man, we could use another Tenchu

You don’t see a lot of ninja-based VR games, but Arashi: Castles of Sin from the studio Endeavor One is aiming to change that.

Announced this week, the company is calling Arashi a “stealth-action sandbox game” set in feudal Japan. After “a dark and treacherous conspiracy has engulfed the country in chaos,” it’s up to you to set things straight by sneaking around, murdering, and doing other ninja things. Rooftop scaling, an “arsenal” of weapons, and stealth takedowns are promised.

The studio says that your approach can be more open-ended, including options like laying traps and luring enemies into them. Long range bow combat is also confirmed, and you can read up on more info on the PlayStation Blog. Given that Sony is promoting it, I hope there’s something here.

Can we…just get a new Tenchu at some point too? I know the logistics are kind of a mess right now, but you’d think there would be a demand at this point given how well Ghost of Tsushima sold. I know that a lot of people will probably say “well we don’t need another Tenchu, then,” but speak for yourself! The lore of Tenchu, while muddled in future games, offered up some interesting twists and gave us a handful of very unique characters. I’d love to see it come back in some form.

For now, we have Arashi, and others like it.

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