Apple’s removed all games with Confederate flags

Regardless of context

In the wake of the shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, the social rift in the United States is again glaringly apparent. Hatred and racism are at the forefront of this tragedy, but issues such as gun ownership and historical preservation have also popped up. Everyone yells really loud, but no one’s mind ever changes.

Divided we stand, but we all stand firmly. Apple’s recently taken a stance, and its intention is crystal clear. As of this morning, it has pulled all games and applications from the App Store that feature a Confederate flag. 

Chief among these games are American Civil War titles, many of which prominently display the flag of the Confederacy not out of social commentary but out of historical accuracy. According to Touch Arcade, Apple is sending these developers a message with the reason for removal being “…because [the game] includes images of the Confederate flag used in offensive and mean-spirited ways.”

Indeed, it’s a particularly sensitive time in America given the current social climate. Many view the Confederate flag as a symbol for much of what needs to change. Still, with regard to Apple’s decision, there are plenty of people who feel that the platform-holder overstepped its bounds with regard to tastefully accurate depiction of the flag.

We have attempted to contact Apple about this matter, but have received no response as of the time of publishing. We’ve asked for the internal thought process behind the decision, whether these removals are permanent, and whether there will be a review/reinstatement means for developers whose games only use the flag in a historical (and not offensive and/or mean-spirited) sense. We will update this article in the event that Apple responds.

Apple Removes All American Civil War Games From the App Store Because of the Confederate Flag [Touch Arcade]

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