Apple’s iPhone has over 6,000 games now

It’s actually 6,276, according to analytics firm Mobclix. They say that 1,516 of the available games for the Jesus Phone are actually free. I say that none of those free games are any good.

Having over 6,000 games doesn’t mean much when most of them are crap. We know: we’ve looked at many of them. I think it’s a case of quantity over quality right now, unfortunately.  That’s not to say that all of them are crap; we’ve played a few great ones, too.

Here’s how the iPhone offerings break down according to the Mobclix site

  • 2,147 puzzle games
  • 1,358 arcade games
  • 1,310 action titles 
  • 393 sports (lol)
  • 116 racing

That’s great. But after trying about 40 games, I’m not feeling the device as a gaming machine. I like the puzzle games, but that’s about it. That may just be me, though. My phone is for calling people and tweeting about seeing Ron Jeremy and panty shots and the like. You know, normal stuff.

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