Apple Arcade has five more games to check out today

The most high-profile of which is Yaga, an action-RPG

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They did it. They got my first real, honest-to-goodness five bucks for Apple Arcade.

I was originally thinking I’d only stick around for that initial free trial period, but I ended up keeping my subscription going past the first month partially out of forgetfulness, and partially out of an ongoing interest in this service. I’ve found it worth the money, at least so far. (That could quickly change.) There are still games I want to finish, and the list of titles hasn’t stopped growing since the big launch day.

Apple Arcade added five more games on October 25, 2019. You might like one or two of them!

Yaga is a Slavic folklore-inspired action-RPG with an eye-catching art style. You play a one-armed blacksmith, so when it comes to forging new gear and weapons, just this once, you can be self-reliant.

Now, I can’t say Apple Arcade is my ideal place to play this kind of a game it’s also coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch a little later, on November 12 but it’s definitely worth highlighting.

Lifelike: Chapter One pitches itself as “particle symphony.” It’s kind of like an abstract art installation about animals’ swarming behaviors, but I feel like the more I try to explain it, the less sense it’ll make.

It’s more of a soothing experience than a traditional video game. Something to play right before bed.

Hogwash is a three-on-one game in which pigs try to roll around in mud and dirty up a farmstead while a sprinkler-wielding farmer tries to tie them up and keep the place from getting too messy.

It’s not the easiest thing in the world with touch controls, and it’s more of a passing novelty, but I love rolling around as a pig to soak up mud. On the plus side, it’s not online-only; you can play solo.

Fallen Knight is going for a Mega Man Zero feel on a bit of a budget.

As a futuristic knight, you can dash up walls, slash and parry foes from a “terrorist organization” called the Purge, and take on bosses. It’s not anything we haven’t seen before in the genre, but considering it’s only one of many games in the wider Apple Arcade library, I’m perfectly fine with its okayness.

Tales of Memo, a memory puzzle game, rounds out the group.

I couldn’t make sense of this one from the minimal App Store summary or even the trailer, but basically, you have to correctly match pairs of treasure chests, Concentration-style, to build up attacks and beat opponents before they beat you. It’s not awful! But it is clearly geared toward younger players.

If you need something to play in Apple Arcade, I’d still recommend Grindstone above all else.

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