App firm estimates that Pokemon Go cleared nearly one billion in revenue in 2016

$950 million

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We know Pokemon Go made a lot of money if it was leaping up on the mobile charts, but just how much? Research firm App Annie estimates that it cleared roughly $950 million in revenue in 2016.

That’s with the game launching in July, mind, and it’s only behind Monster Strike and Clash Royale. Odds are you’ve heard of the latter or seen commercials for it, but the former? I mean, I’ve played it, but that’s a surprise.

Interestingly enough Go was in a unique spot where it didn’t attract core gamers away from spending money on the rest of the mobile market — but rather, it roped in the casual audience, and allowed for “non traditional” playtime during odd hours, while folks continued to play other games during the usual time periods.

The phenomenon is basically over when it comes to Go, but it’ll probably have a long tail and in the short term, already made a ton of dough for everyone involved.

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