Apollo Justice is finally heading over to mobile devices

Does anyone care?

For awhile now, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney hasn’t been available on iOS or Android. You could have most of the story with the other four games, but one of the most divisive (and important) chapters was absent. That won’t be a problem any longer as Capcom has announced that the ugly duckling of the series will be making the jump to mobile.

Coming on December 1 in the US for iOS (and December 8 for Android), the game will feature higher-resolution assets, much like the Ace Attorney Trilogy HD on iOS. I’ve always been partial to the more pixelated style of the DS original, but having a smoother-looking version isn’t so bad. Apollo Justice was always a lot nicer looking than the original games.

I feel most fans don’t give enough credit to Apollo. Sure, he isn’t as interesting of a lead character as Phoenix, but the plotline in this title is insane. The more in-depth look at how the legal system can be controlled creates a story that constantly intrigues. Klavier Gavin is also a kick ass prosecutor.

Apollo Justice marked the last time that series director, Shu Takumi, would direct a main Ace Attorney game. His signature is all over this game and I’ve found that Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice suffer for not having him on board.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is coming to iOS and Android this winter [Eurogamer]

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