Apex Legends Switch developer says the port was ‘challenging,’ but is running well

Gyro support is also in

As we learned recently during the EA Play stream, Apex Legends is coming to Switch later this year alongside of cross-play with all existing platforms. The presentation was very brief, but now a few extra details are coming to light.

Speaking to GameSpot via the video interview below, Chad Grenier (Game Director at Respawn Entertainment), explained that although crafting the port was a “challenge,” it’s “running very well.” They also highlight that gyro aiming took a while to implement, but it’s going to be good to go by the time the Switch port arrives.

Grenier also says that “all five platforms” (including Steam) will be caught up with another and will be “the same game,” by the time the Switch arrives. A lot of the holdup is due to “backend work,” which will make sure that players can bring over their account info from prior platforms.

It’s all sounding good on paper: we just need to see how the port runs in practice.

Chris Carter
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