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Apex Legends: Solos returns as a limited-time mode

Solos is back.

Apex Legends recently hosted the Double Take collection event, which introduced Quads to the battle royale game. Quads, where teams of four drop onto the map, replaced the Duos (2-member teams) battle royale mode.

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Now, Respawn Entertainment has brought back the Solos battle royale, where all Legends drop alone into the match, and the last Legend standing wins the match. Solos is arriving as a limited-time mode (LTM), meaning that it will only be available to play for a few days. Players can queue up in Solos mode now in Apex Legends, and up until July 23.

Apex Legends Solos mode explained

Solos mode in Apex Legends will have a total of 50 Legends per match. The loot and ring movement have also been adjusted by Respawn to provide sufficient loot and fully kitted weapons as ground loot. Like in Mixtape modes, there is also health regen active in Solos. This means that players will automatically regain health after not taking damage for six seconds.

Players will also be dropping into a match with one Respawn Token. This token will automatically respawn the player once they are eliminated, and they will arrive on the map with all their loot still in the inventory. However, this token does not work in the closing stages of the match.

There is also a kill replay which plays after you are finally eliminated from the match. The kill replay shows the POV of the opponent who eliminated you from the match.

Apex Legends has also added a feature called Battle Sense, which will automatically alert players about enemies nearby. The enemy alert will show up when there are enemies within a 50-metre range. This feature is not specific to any Legend and is automatically activated in Solos for all players.

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