Apex Legends Season 7 launch trailer shows off the beautiful new map

Welcome to Olympus

Just a couple days ago, we got a new “Stories from the Outlands” video introducing the new playable character in Apex Legends for Season 7. Past that, the official site mentioned the new map that has been teased since Season 5. Today, we got our first look at a stylized representation of it.

The trailer also ties into Season 6’s graphic novel-told story, picking up right after Rampart learns Mirage packed all of her stuff up on a shuttle as it’s launching. The two follow that shuttle to Olympus and we get to see the lush city in the sky where we’ll be fighting. It’s futuristic and verdant, and it still appears to have a good balance of open space and clusters of features.

We also get to see the new legend Horizon in action, and can make some more educated guesses on her abilities. She carries a drone on her back that looks a little like Lifeline’s D.O.C., but instead of dispensing healing, it acts as her ultimate ability, creating a black hole that sucks nearby enemies in. Her tactical ability is indeed tied to the gravity lifts that have been showing up around Kings Canyon and World’s Edge, though as demonstrated here, they can be used to flush an enemy team out of cover in addition to just providing some vertical mobility for her own team.

The last big thing in today’s trailer is the footage of the Trident in action. This is the first time Apex Legends will have vehicles, and it appears there will be one fairly protected driver and spots for up to two teammates, one on either side, to hang out and fire weapons at the risk of being largely exposed to incoming fire. The trailer also shows the Trident suffering some brief malfunction when hit by a powered-up shot from a Sentinel, so that may provide another reason to pick up the sniper rifle that doesn’t get a lot of love.

Check out the trailer above; it’s a good one. We can still expect one or two more videos to release before Season 7 launches on November 4, and those will likely include actual gameplay footage to mull over and finer details on Horizon’s abilities to pick apart.

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