Apex Legends’ profits drop for a second month in a row

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Down 74% in two months

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The strong momentum of Apex Legends seems to be slowing down significantly. For the second month in a row, EA’s popular battle royale title has dropped its profit earnings. According to a report from market research firm SuperData, Apex Legends has gone from earning $92 million in February to around $24 million in April. That’s a drop of roughly 74%, which is a huge drop from being the “strongest start for a free-to-play title” as SuperData said months ago.

While publisher EA hasn’t commented on the player base for Apex in a while, one only need look at the viewer numbers on Twitch to get a rough estimate for the title’s current popularity. Apex has fallen off considerably since its February launch, according to website Twitch Tracker. There was also some blowback to the quality of the first battle pass, with a lot of players being severely underwhelmed by it. With Apex not receiving any new content until possibly E3, it seems players are becoming impatient and jumping ship.

While I don’t believe Apex‘s numbers are up, it does seem developer Respawn is at an impasse. With the company stating it will stick to seasonal updates to not burn out its employees, the lack of constant updates like what Fortnite receives could be turning players off. I wouldn’t want Respawn to change its policy, but there could be a middle ground that allows for more constant tweaking and refreshes instead of going silent for months.

Whatever the case, EA is teasing a reveal of “season two” for E3, so we’ll know the future of Apex in short order.

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