Apex Legends is still growing, achieves new Steam concurrent record this month

Nearly 197,000 players this past weekend

Apex Legends exploded at launch on Twitch, and has since retreated to a respectable top five position or so since then. But each season waxes and wanes, and the recent launch of Season 8 has been a boon for the game.

Amid a launch on Switch, Season 8 has seen the highest concurrent player count on Steam to date. As reported by SteamDB, Apex Legends managed to hit the 196,799 mark on February 27. That’s good!

As a bit of background, we now have access to cold hard data for Apex Legends beyond vague Twitch stream views. Apex Legends is still fairly fresh on Steam as it only arrived in November of 2020, so we’re now able to quantifiably track the game’s progress for the first time in ages.

Season 8 was undeniably a success so far for Respawn, following a few mixed reception choices in the past few years. Fuse (the new character) is a hit in many circles, and the rework of King’s Canyon has been a nice change of pace. Live service games are constantly on a razor’s edge, but Apex Legends is surviving, and then some.

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