Apex Legends hits Nintendo Switch on March 9 with ‘full feature parity’

Switch players can catch up with 30 levels auto-unlocked in the Season 8 Battle Pass

While there had been rumblings about a February release for the Nintendo Switch edition of Apex Legends, the game is launching on March 9, according to Respawn. There’s our confirmation!

The Switch version came together with “smart optimizations” from Panic Button (the studio behind the Switch ports of Doom, Wolfenstein II, and Warframe), and it should be the real deal. Expect “full feature parity” with all versions of Apex Legends, including cross-platform multiplayer – a must-have.

If you’re wondering what it’ll be like to roll in mid-season, you’ll be able to start the Season 8 Battle Pass with 30 levels knocked out and everyone on Switch can earn double XP until March 23.

It would’ve been nice for the Switch launch to go hand-in-hand with Season 8, but March isn’t bad.

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