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How to easily improve your ping in Apex Legends

Optimize your online connection with ExitLag

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[This week Destructoid is brought to you by ExitLag, a tool for gamers struggling to fix issues with high ping, lag spikes, packet loss, and bad server routing in online games including Apex Legends, Valorant, CS:GO, and over 500 other support titles. This is a sponsored post.]

There’s nothing worse than playing a game and feeling like your fate ultimately isn’t in your own hands. That’s true of single-player games, and it’s especially true of tense, team-based online games like Apex Legends. When you’re in the home stretch, you don’t ever want to worry about how your connection is holding up — you want to play all the way through without any hiccups.

In search of a real solution, it’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole of possible fixes only to end up back where you started. So before you go too deep, let ExitLag handle the hard work for you — it’ll find the optimal route to give you a more stable server connection while you’re gaming.

If you win, it’s all you. Congrats! If you lose, well, you won’t be able to blame lag this time.

What is ExitLag? And what can it do?

The goal of ExitLag is to provide an optimal online gaming experience, especially for players who don’t live close to their favorite game’s servers or have issues with their ISP’s routing.

Using its proprietary algorithm, ExitLag can help with lag spikes and other common connection problems that gamers face — it finds the ideal route for your data in real-time.

And since this proxy service sends connection packets through different routes simultaneously, if one route becomes shaky while you’re in the middle of a match, the backup routes will keep you in the game without missing a beat.

Beyond real-time route optimization, ExitLag also has bonus features like an FPS Boost and Multi Internet option to give you additional peace of mind during higher-stakes ranked matches.

The best settings for reducing lag in Apex Legends

As one example, here’s how to optimize Apex Legends using ExitLag.

After downloading ExitLag and installing it, you can scroll down the game list or use the search bar to pull up Apex Legends. From there, select your preferred game region (“All regions” is an option, or you can get more granular), and ExitLag will analyze and select the best routes.

Apex Legends reducing lag

You’re all set. You can boot up the game and let ExitLag work its magic, or you can double-check the Tools tab to make more fine-tuned adjustments. First, let’s look at the General settings.

Recommended general settings

ExitLag recommended settings

ExitLag also comes with an FPS Boost, so if you’re trying to get the smoothest possible game experience, you can toggle on your preferred frame-rate-boosting settings, as shown below.

Recommended settings for improving FPS

ExitLag increase FPS settings

Try ExitLag for free today and lower your ping

Best of all, you can take ExitLag for a test spin to lower your ping in Apex Legends and see the results for yourself. There’s currently a free three-day trial, with no credit card required.

It’s as easy as signing up with your email, downloading the software, picking your favorites from the supported game list, and applying routes. ExitLag will handle the rest and you’re good to go.

The trial should be plenty of time to try out your favorite online games and see an improvement. The software handles the heavy lifting, so you can spend more time gaming and less time fiddling. Using the Account tab, you can see how much time you have left on the free trial.

For more information about ExitLag, check out the FAQ and supported games list.

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