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Apex Legends Double Take event adds Quads, Ranked Rumble, and new Lifeline prestige skin

One more pal can enter the fray with you.

Apex Legends is set to host a new event dubbed Double Take, which will be introducing Quads to the battle royale game on June 25, 2024. Players will be now able to form 4-person squads in the Apex Games until the end of Season 21.

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Developer Respawn Entertainment has said that the loot pool has been updated too, with more ammo, attachments, and health items spread over the map to bring down the chaos of fighting for resources. While Tridents will only carry three people, Valkyrie’s Ultimate ability will be able to carry four teammates at the same time.

Ranked Rumble

Apex Legends will also be introducing Ranked Rumble, a new game mode, at the end of the Ranked season. Kicking off on August 3, the Ranked Rumble will introduce leaderboards based on Rank Tier, for players to compete in and climb.

There will be 10 Ranked Rumble Matches that players can engage in, and finishing at the top of the leaderboard can earn you unique badges. All players who have earned a Rank this season are automatically eligible for Ranked Rumble, which will end on August 6, and the Ranked season ends with it.

While the season ends with Ranked Rumble, the placement on the leaderboard will not impact a player’s Ranked Points, Ranked Season placement or rewards which will be locked in once Ranked Rumble commences.

Collection event items

As is tradition, a new event brings with it new limited-time cosmetics for players to earn or purchase, as 24 new items will be available during the event. There will be Legendary skins for Octane, Crypto, Fuse, Conduit, Revenant, and Alter. Lifeline gets special treatment for this event, with a Prestige Skin and a new finisher for players to unlock after collecting all 24 items.

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The update for Apex Legends goes live on June 25.

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