Ape-centered shenanigans coming to iPhone from Seaman creator

Seaman … quite the concept. A weird evolving babyfish that you could talk to definitely made for one of the Dreamcast’s more unique entries, and if you were a fan then you’ll be glad to hear that game creator Yoot Saito is alive and kicking. His weirdness is still intact too, as he is bringing the bizarre Gabo to the iPhone.

Check out the above video to see what Gabo is all about. Apparently, it is using the AI tech from Seaman 2, bolstered with some obligatory touchscreen action. In the above video, you’ll get to see a few ways you can play with your deformed monkey man, whether you are tickling him, poking him or dropping him from a great height.

Oh, and be warned … I’m not sure what’s happening at the end of the video, but I am pretty certain it’s not something you’ll want your kids to see.

Jim Sterling