AOU 2010: Metal Gear Arcade in 3D, with head sensors

Japan’s Arcade Operators Union expo is going down right now in Tokyo, and the biggest thing there is Konami’s Metal Gear Arcade. Announced at E3, it’s now finally playable at AOU2010.

The game is in 3D, and you wear special goggles to get the full effect. The goggles also have a head sensor that has the screen adjusting to your head movements. You can even set your targets by turning your head. Amazing.

The best part is that the game is full-on multiplayer over both local cabinets and beyond. It also supports voicechat.

Akihabara News says that the demo had all players on the same map, playing co-op deathmatch. They also say that the included feedback machinegun is “stunning.” The site’s writeup also has a good video showing the game in action.

Above you’ll find a video of gameplay, direct from the show. Gigazine has a couple more in their report (Japanese). If that’s not enough, Konami’s official webpage for the game has a closer look. Finally, in our gallery you’ll find images of the headset, gun, and some screenshots.

So far, there’s no word on a U.S. release for this arcade game.

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