Anti-console war shirt asks too much of us

I love the idea of a unified world where we love all consoles equally. I mean, I’m not in, as I have my favorites, but I get it, and I love the idea. It’s never happening, though. We all know the _________ is way better than the ________. Our (love when they say “our”) first-party games are all we need. Your system has shovelware. Blah blah blah.

This Coexiist (I see what you did there) features lettering from all the systems you love (or hate), trying to show equality among the systems. I’m calling bias, though, as both the “t” and the encircling red line come from Nintendo. Nintendo fanboys! Don’t buy this shirt.

ThinkGeek has them now if you’re one that would like to promote the idea of that kind of world. Me? I’m off to play my _____.  You can have your stupid ______.

Dale North