Anthem’s demo has some significant differences from the full game

‘The demo is easier in general’

BioWare’s Anthem has a crucially important demo coming soon — January 25 through 27 for anyone who has pre-ordered the game or subscribed to EA Access, February 1 through February 3 for everyone else. This will be BioWare’s first real chance to sell people on Anthem, as many folks seem to have reservations about the developer’s ability to pull off a live service-type product.

Except the demo won’t be completely representative of the full game. Executive producer Mark Darrah took to Twitter to outline how the demo will differ from the Anthem that launches on February 22. Darrah mentions the demo starts somewhere in the middle of the game; doesn’t have tutorials; doesn’t have character customization; is balanced “super different” from the full game; has a completely different economy; and still has some bugs to work out.

Further, Darrah states there’s only one story mission and that’ll skew the balance between freeplay and main missions. Possibly the most important thing to keep in mind while playing the Anthem demo is that “the demo is easier in general.”

There you have it. The Anthem demo is a mostly-final experience that’s meant to showcase all the systems like the gunplay, the social aspects, and the MMO-like loot drops. But, it’s not going to be completely, 100 percent representative of the game that’s launching on February 22. Just know that going in.

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