Anrufen Online heading to the iPhone and may have online play

Ever since the iPhone busted onto the scene and demolished the profit margin of Nintendo and Sony’s handheld devices, we’ve been wondering what more could possibly be offered on the platform. Considering the iPhone’s massive success in the gaming sphere, an MMO would be the natural extension. It’s a good thing that Beijing-based developer WiStone is ready to step up to the plate with their mobile MMO, Anrufen Online.

Anrufen Online is an isometric MMO, designed around fighting enemies and taking care of little monsters so that they will follow your character around. The game is currently slated for Symbian handsets next year, but no date has been set for the iPhone version as of yet.

The above video is Anrufen Online running in all its glory on the Symbian platform. The iPhone version probably won’t look much better, so this may be a good barometer of quality. Looks amazing, doesn’t it?

[via PocketGamer]

Brad BradNicholson