Another WiiWare title with a silly name, Gravitronix, rears its head

New Hampshire-based developer Medaverse Studios has announced that Nintendo has been gracious enough to let them be an official developer for the Nintendo Wii. The more interesting news, however, is that Medaverse’s first title, Gravitronix, will be one of those sneaky WiiWare titles Nintendo is so tight-lipped about.

“As a creative team, we had always toyed with the idea of game development,” says Lead Designer Jesse Lowther, “and we even had an RPG in the planning stages during the height of the GBAs popularity. We had all but given up that dream, but when Nintendo first revealed the Wii remote ot the world, that dream came back with a vengeance. Once WiiWare appeared on the horizon, we knew it was our chance.”

No word on what kind of game Gravitronix is, but judging from the game’s logo, it’s likely not an RPG (and hopefully will feature at least one member of Belgium’s Technotronic). Lowther promises “a robust multiplayer mode with enough hidden depth to keep even the most hardcore players struggling to outdo each other.”

“The way we see it,” he says, “if you don’t swear when you lose to another player, we haven’t done our job.”

Better watch it, buddy — kids are going to be playing this game with their grandmothers.

Nick Chester