Another Sonic racing game rumor surfaces from another toy maker

Give me another Skies of Arcadia track and we’re good Sega

This is the second time in so many days that there’s been word of a potential Sonic racing follow-up from developer Sumo Digital, and the rumor-fire is being stoked once again.

This time it comes from Diamond Select Toys, who was interviewed at the New York Toy Fair by channel Pixel Dan. A rep basically spilled the beans (at 8:55) that there are sets that you can use to “build a race track from the game…for the Sonic guys to race around on.” It reminds me of when that one toy maker confirmed the Crash Bandicoot HD trilogy before it was revealed — there’s a gold mine of gaming info at these toy events!

Seriously though I hope this is coming. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed was a fantastic racer, and took the place of Mario Kart for several years in my house. We’re due for some friendly competition with Nintendo.

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