Another Mr. Destructoid cousin spotted

Splatter Bot, the psycho killer in the Dtoid family, has been spotted trying to convince unsuspecting Internet readers to download his mini clones and assemble them at home via the Web site, Haunted Paper Toys. Little do the assemblers know that once complete, this mini evil robot comes to life to carry out Splatter bot’s devious deeds. Don’t be fooled by their simple appearance. No, these little paper robots are capable of many things such as being able to twist at their waists and move their arms up and down. They can remove their heads to reveal an evil eye, they can interchange their claws with an axe or laser cannon, and inside their chests are hidden a scary pair of jaws. Oh yes, they are a clever bunch these Splatter bot clones and should not be trusted. The only way to stop Splatter bot’s evil plot is to download the mini clones, photoshop them into mini Mr. Destructoid’s instead and then assemble them to destroy Splatter bot’s growing army. You can download the instructions and robot parts here. You have your mission. Now go forth and create an army of Mr. Destructoids to save our world. Oh, and send us a cool picture if you do make a mini Mr. Destructoid.