Another look at the Advance Wars-inspired Tiny Metal

I’m glad someone’s making these games

We’re getting not one but (at least!) two notable games inspired by the almighty Advance Wars. I’m still desperate for Intelligent Systems to return to the series, but until then, this duo should keep me busy.

Chucklefish has its fantasy turn-based strategy title Wargroove, and Area 35 is cooking up Tiny Metal, a more modern-looking adaptation. The latter has a new trailer out ahead of PAX later this week.

“Unlike the usual Advance Wars generals’ ability, Hero Units are units you can unlock by playing through the campaign,” says director Hiroaki Yura. “Their veterancy rank is maintained throughout the battles and it really pays to make sure you give them experience.” One example given: a scout unit that can launch surface-to-air missiles instead of firing the standard machine gun. Yes please!

Tiny Metal is on track for Q4 2017 on PC, Mac, PS4, and yes, Nintendo Switch.

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