Another game you should buy for $7: Battlefield 1943

Yesterday there was a fine Castle Crashers sale and now Battlefield 1943 has dropped down in price as well. When these Xbox 360 daily holiday deals first started, I was really skeptical based on the downright silly and often obscure things getting slashed in price.

But like Castle Crashers, Battlefield 1943 is a pretty good buy for seven bucks. Often times multiplayer Xbox LIVE Arcade games drop out of style in the span of a few months, but that isn’t the case here. A hell of a lot of people purchased the game, and many are still actively playing it.

Remember, this deal will only be active today, and you must be an Xbox LIVE Gold member to access it. A bit of a pain for sure, but what else is new? The game is multiplayer only, so I suppose it’s a reasonable requirement this time.

[Thanks, Brian]

Jordan Devore
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