Another Diablo III ‘fan’ argues for darker colors, gives examples

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You may remember last month when Diablo III developer Jay Wilson tore into submissions by “the game’s too darn colorful” crowd. Pointing out several flaws in the amateur photoshoppers’ design choices — such as a lack of vibrancy, interest, and just being too difficult to easily make everything out — Wilson’s outright dismissal seemed to finally close the eye-rolling matter.

It seems some people just won’t give up, though. A guy called Sozou has gone through and reedited the dungeon section in a gameplay trailer to try and show how a darker Diablo III could work. At a glance, it’s clear that he put more thought into it than the previous shoppers (a light to differentiate your character, for instance). Along with the comparison clip above, you can find the entire eleven minute long video and several stills on his Web site.

Sozou’s work certainly doesn’t look terrible, but the darker colors and added saturation still make the on-screen action harder to keep track of. Blizzard realized this during their extensive playtesting, which is why they lightened things up. The color obsessed community needs to realize that and get over it already.

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