Another day, another beta: Section 8 now open for all

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Two entire Section 8 stories in the span of a few hours? Have we lost our minds!? Yeah, probably. The open beta for Section 8 is now available for those with a capable PC.

Rather than pit you up against loading screen after loading screen on the game’s official Web site, I’ll graciously save you the trouble by giving you the real link to the beta. Linkage! Fair warning, you’ll need a free FilePlanet/IGN/Gamespy account, so if that sort of thing is against your religion, look out.

I know Jim has said the game was, at the very least, “quite fun” and better than Velvet Assassin, there are a number of variables working against Section 8 for me. The full game is releasing right around the same time as certain PAX festivities, and I am beyond burned out on first-person shooters at this point.

How many reasons was that? Wait, only two? Uh, well … oh, would you look at that! Our connection is breaking up. We’re not on a phone, you say? It’s my bedtime. That’s right, my bedtime! If I fall asleep one second after 1:00 CST, a time zone which is perfectly valid in the state of Michigan, I won’t wake up ever again.

It’s a family curse, you know.

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