Another abandoned failure: Sony gives up on PSP Room

Do you remember PlayStation Room? That social networking service for the PSP that looked like a mash-up between PlayStation Home and Bratz dolls? No? Really, you don’t? We hardly blame you. Like so many things in this industry, the service was announced as something we all needed to have, and was then promptly forgotten. Now, the portable feature you did not care about has been killed quietly in the night. 

A beta was released in Japan but never made it overseas, despite being announced and hyped. Although Home is a total waste of time, Room could have provided a nice portable distraction, or at the very least something to do on the PSP for a few minutes. Since Sony can’t let people enjoy the PSP for long, development has ceased and the service won’t make it out of beta phase. 

So, that’s another big new idea for the PSP that’s fallen flat on its face. It comes to something when the iPhone has managed to be a better handheld gaming device in half the lifespan, but that is the world we live in.

Sony Pulls The Plug On PSP Social Network Service [Siliconera]

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