Animus Project Update 2.0 provides new map and game mode

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It’s time for Animus Project Update 2.0, the new free DLC update for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. A patch yesterday broke the game a tiny bit, but all is well now. This new update adds a new map, Pienza, a Tuscan village that was once rebuilt as the ideal Renaissance town. It appears to have a lot of roofs to escape to, so don’t forget to config your pistol and chase speed profiles.

It also adds a new “Chest Capture” game mode, which looks like a King of the Hill variation on Manhunt. I had some of the best multiplayer fun of 2010 in Manhunt with some fellow Dtoiders, and this looks like something well worth checking out if you stopped playing multiplayer after hitting level 50.

On that note: if you ever got smoke-bombed, stunned, muted, stunned, smoke-bombed again, stunned again, and finally charged by two guys in Manhunt, we apologize for making you rage. Sorry xXDesmondMinervaXx, but you deserved it! Stop running on the roof all the time.

Are any of you still playing the multiplayer and spending 3 minutes trying to poison a target stealthily, only to have a random guy kill him because you marked your target? And if not, will the new mode make you want to stab some bros again?

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood ‘Animus Project Update 2.0’ coming today [Joystiq]

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