Animegane sounds like the perfect place to buy anime glasses

Unlimited Lens Works

The concept of shops and restaurants based on existing properties is something I’m always down with. You get to see a neat take on your favorite fictional titles, and it gives you the chance to interact with people who share your interests. While we’re on the topic of businesses with themes, an anime glasses store called Animegane is opening in Akihabara on July 15.

Aside from the shop’s brilliant decision to combine the words “anime” and “megane,” I’m digging the idea of them selling eyewear based on Japan’s animated shows. Since they’re carrying stuff from titles like Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, Touhou, Steins;Gate, Boruto, and the Metal Gear series, they seem to have some great options for their future customers.

If they have a nonprescription lens option, I wouldn’t mind getting the Saber or Archer glasses from the Fate anime series and visual novel games. Thanks to Animegane’s stylish inventory, I have a new place to check out when I visit Japan one day.

Animegane: World’s first anime eyewear store opens in Akihabara [SoraNews24]

Salvador G-Rodiles