Animal Crossing: New Horizons has given a huge boost in revenue to Pocket Camp

Is there such a thing as too much Isabelle? (no)

While nobody needs to be told that Nintendo Switch release Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been a major success, it seems that said success has also boosted the popularity of mobile title Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, which saw its most lucrative month to date in April.

According to those ever-faithful number-crunchers over at Sensor Tower, Pocket Camp‘s downloads sky-rocketed in April 2020, with 7.1 million installs in a single month. By comparison, the free-to-play title saw 396,000 installs in January 2020. In regards to in-app purchases, Pocket Camp raked in a new record of $7.9 million USD, beating out its previously held high of $7.8 million in August 2019. Japan is noted as being the biggest spender, accounting for a whopping 74% of this global revenue.

Despite its cheery demeanor and happy-go-lucky attitude, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp raised an eyebrow with some critics and fans, who found its heavy reliance on paywalls and in-game purchases – all dressed up with colourful smiles – gross by design. But with Pocket Camp having made over $150 million in revenue since its initial launch, it’s unlikely that anything will change in the industry’s drive to capture the lucrative mobile market.

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